Uptown Magazine Review/Killing Nellie/Winnipeg Fringe 2011

4 stars KILLING NELLIE theMOXYcollective Venue 9, Shaw Performing Arts Centre (MTYP)

If a battlin’, folk-punk husband/wife duo having its marital disagreements unfold before you via music and lunacy is your cup of vinegar, then check out Oda Aunan and Mark Storen’s Killing Nellie. Played out as a faux mini-concert, the pair plays Rupert and Embla, he the guitar playing, henpecked husband and she the diabolical co-vocalist that mostly sings in what sounds like discombobulated Norwegian. They really don’t get along but are able to somewhat mask their differences in this cracking 60 minuter, that is until all hell breaks loose and the two end up in full-on fisticuffs and a little voodoo. The songs are great and hearing the duo work through truly memorable numbers such as Oh Shit, Swim Goldfish Swim, the cheating saga Mr. McGee and I Tried To Kill Nellie To Get Some Peace are worth the price of admission alone. Aunan’s facial expressions and body language and Storen’s slowly burning fuse makes this a laugh-a-minute winner. –– Jeff Monk